Bringing New Energy In To Your Home

Hey hey, babes!

With my recent move back to Chicago from LA, I am making it a priority to get my home feeling as zen as it possibly can. You know out with the old, in with the new kind of thing. I’ve been hanging new pieces of art, redoing the guest bedrooms, and clearing out unneeded clutter.

I was feeling pretty good with my progress however I was still getting a bit of a negative vibe that I couldn’t seem to shake. I mean, a home should not only look pretty but it should also FEEL some type of way, ya know?

I’ve always been kind of a weirdo when it comes to energy and the vibes of people and places. Like, I can generally pick up on most energies of a person or environment right off the bat, good or bad. Some times this is such a blessing, other times a bit of a curse.

A few years ago I finally began to realize how much the energy of certain people were starting to effect me. So I did a little reading, and started carrying around certain crystals that would help clear away any negativity I may pick up from people or places through out the day.

I know it sounds a little woo-woo but my go-to carry around crystals are rose quartz and goldstone. Both are great at attracting positive energy and love. I would definitely recommend getting one of each of these guys for your purse, bra, wherever you feel is right. Might be in my head, but I can feel the difference.

I think it’s equally as important to have certain crystals in your home.  My favorite being the gorgeous amethyst, and here is why.

 Amethyst clusters and amethyst geodes carry the strongest power to rid your home of negative energy, making them the best ones to fill your home with. These crystals can be placed on your fireplace or your altar—somewhere central in your house, so that the amethyst healing properties can radiate to every room.

If you have any babes I would suggest putting one of these beauties in their rooms as they have a very gentle and soothing energy about them. Or even your own bedroom because these gems are even known to help people who have trouble falling asleep.

I needed a little refresh on my amethyst collection so I recently bopped over to amazon and ordered a handful of these pretty little amethyst candle holders. Once they arrived I placed them outside to soak in a little sunshine and moonlight as this is known to recharge the energy of the crystals. Then the next morning, scattered them around strategically and am now just waiting for the magic of these crystals to do their thing:) Which I know they will!

This may seem obvious but I also am such a believer of opening your windows to bring in the fresh air. Allowing the old energy out and bringing new in. So each morning I’ve been doing this along with diffusing my oils. Oils are a great way to transition any bad energy in the home.

For the mornings I love the brightness of lemon or peppermint for an uplifting feel to the house. And for the evenings I’m really in to lavender, amber, and sandalwood for a cozier vibe.

If you’re feeling your home needs a little refresh, give these little hacks a try. I swear it helps:)



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