The One Thing I Do To Get Back On Track

Hey hey pretty gals. The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind over here. Lots of travel for the clothing line I’ve been working with (it’s market season) and in between we’ve had a handful of family visits in here Chicago. Kind of been non stop until, well now.

I’m finding myself back in Chicago attempting to rework my own line, as well as attempting to get back on some kind of healthy eating/workout schedule…again and for some reason I am finding myself a bit lost.

After many structured work days at the apparel market, I was really looking forward to getting back home, implicating my own schedule and getting back to work on my business, maybe volunteer at the rescue shelter and you know, get back to being a productive contribution to society.

The problem is that with this new unstructured down time, (still working on time management, ugh) and apparent negative self talk, I have somehow found myself getting completely off track with what my original intentions are. I get myself so wound up about what I should be doing, and start thinking “wow this is going to be so hard to accomplish,” that often times I end up doing nothing at all. Please tell me someone else can relate with this?

This whole fucked up thought process is nothing new to me as you may have read in other posts.

The good news here is that after much trial and error I’m slowly learning to recognize these thought processes.  And once the realization is there I am able to take a deep breath and realize how I am massively overcomplicating the entire process.

So instead of letting all the wheels fly off real quick, I remind myself to do this ONE thing. And it’s as simple as this. Reconnecting back to my TRUE self.

This seems a bit ambiguous and certainly subjective but finding a way to reconnect with the real “me” is the key to moving my goals forward. I mean this is not rocket science, but some how often forgotten in the midst of the shit storm, right?

The negative self talk will continue to creep in but if I just take a step back and listen, I mean really listen to myself, I quickly realize exactly what it is I need to do with my business, relationships, health whatever it may be that I am needing direction on. It’s like magic…tad-a “here’s your answer, Morgan.”

Like I said, this reconnection is definitely different for all, however here are a few ways I have learned to personally accomplish this .

As I’m sure you know, the amount of people jumping on the meditation band wagon is large and I have to admit I am one of them. I love to play my music and get quiet with myself and usually it works.

Then there are the days that it doesn’t, so I might opt for a long soak in a warm bath with a cup of tea, other days, (which should be every day) I get on my knees and pray to Jesus to guide me where he wants me to go, while other days may call for a little hard core gangster rap and a run by the lake.

Different things work for different people at different times. Figure out what is that reconnects you to your true soul and DO IT…often!

Once you’re head is clear try to sit down and write for at least five minutes. Write your heart out. Whatever comes to you, just let it flow. Don’t judge it or force it.

Then after you’ve written in a non judgment mind space for at least 5 minutes, go back and reread what you wrote. I promise that more often then not your answer of where and what you should be doing will be sitting right in front of you waiting to take action. This is because you’ve taken a moment to become reconnected with your bad ass self.

Long story short guys, don’t get caught up in the bullshit downward spiral thought process. It’s SUCH a waste of time. Instead, take a deep breath, reconnect with yourself (however that may look to you) and start taking action!

Talk soon.



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