About Becoming Benson

Part lifestyle blog, part confessional. Becoming Benson is the unfiltered, insightful view on life through the eyes of Morgan Bennett.

Morgan is a creative at heart and strives to create magic in everything she does. She has worked in the fashion industry for the past ten years and currently has her own women’s clothing line called Lois Loves Will.

While life can appear to be perfect on the outside for most, Morgan has often struggled with her own demons, anxiety, and depression. While it is something that is generally swept under the rug, she would like to be an open book about her struggles as well as how she has learned to cope and deal with these rough patches in her life.

She wants to inspire you, light you up, and make you realize how worthy you are of having an amazing life even with life’s every day set backs.

Make yourself cozy and get ready to indulge yourself with lots of self care tips, holistic healing, pretty inspiration, and ultimately ways, things, and processes to encourage us to all become the very best versions of ourselves.